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Harley-Davidson And UFC® Up The Ante At UFC® 177 And Give One Lucky Fan The Chance To Throw The Ultimate Party Of A ...
MILWAUKEE, Aug 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Harley-Davidson and the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC) will launch a new contest at UFC 177 this weekend sure to make one fan an instant hometown hero. The Harley-Davidson Hometown Throwdown III event puts one lucky fan and their city in the spotlight; The contest, running through Dec. 31, 2014, kicks off with a bang Aug. 30 at UFC 177 in Sacramento ... (read more...)

TJ Dillashaw vs. Joe Soto staredown pic from UFC 177 weigh ins
Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) held its weigh in event earlier today (Fri., Aug. 29, 2014) at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, California for those fighters competing at the UFC 177: "Dillashaw vs. Soto" event, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow night live on pay-per-view. (read more...)

Video: Dana White media scrum from UFC 177 weigh ins on Renan Barao, Henry Cejudo, Stephan Bonnar, GQ, and more
Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White was back in front of the cameras on Friday (Aug. 29, 2014) following the UFC 177 weigh in event (full results here), talking to the mixed martial arts (MMA) media about the chaos backstage at the Sleep Train Arena, thanks to weigh-cutting disasters by Renan Barao and Henry Cejudo (details here and here). Hear what White had to say about ... (read more...)

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'The Ultimate Fighter': Meet contestant Joanne Calderwood
At least according to Wikipedia, the sheer amount of nicknames is impressive: JoJo, Cyborginho, Dr. Kneevil. But the best moniker for The Ultimate Fighter 20 competitor Joanne Calderwood may be one not even listed on her Wiki page: The Silent Assassin. (read more...)

Dana White explains why Tyron Woodley turned down Hector Lombard fight on Nov. 8 in Australia
Since it "doesn't work for his brand," White must now look elsewhere for "Showeather." Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White has been trying to convince Tyron Woodley to fight fellow welterweight contender Hector Lombard in the ... (read more...)

'Ultimate Fighter: Latin America's' Fabrício Werdum Eager To Take On Cain Velasquez
The hook for the Latin America edition of “The Ultimate Fighter” series is that heavyweight UFC champ, Cain Velasquez, coached a team of eight Mexican fighters while top-ranked heavyweight contender Fabrício Werdum, 37, mentored eight contenders from ... (read more...)

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FriendFeed Combat Tai Chi - Real Tai Ji Quan Fighting - http://youlikevid.com/combat-tai-chi-real-tai-ji-quan-fighting/ Tweet Combat Tai Chi – REAL & Traditional. Tai Chi is also called Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Ji, and Tai Ji Quan. In English Taijiquan means the Grand Ultimate Fist and Ta…
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FriendFeed Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors - "The Avenging Spider-Man: Part One" Clip - http://joronomo.com/marvels-ultimate-spider-man-web-warriors-the-avenging-spider-man-part-one-clip/ Spider-Man joins the Avengers. That means he’ll be fighting bigger foes. - #ComedyVideo, #FunnyClips, #FunnyVideo, #FunnyVideoClips, #FunnyVideos, #FunnyVineVideos, #FunnyVines, #VineVideos
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FriendFeed Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors - "The Avenging Spider-Man: Part Two" - http://joronomo.com/marvels-ultimate-spider-man-web-warriors-the-avenging-spider-man-part-two/ Doc Ock has teamed up with Loki. Spider-Man has teamed up with the Avengers and his friends. Let the fighting begin. - #ComedyVideo, #FunnyClips, #FunnyVideo, #FunnyVideoClips, #FunnyVideos, #FunnyVineVideos, #FunnyVines, #VineVideos
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FriendFeed http://www.onlydoraemon.com/games/play_naruto-ultimate-battle_doraemon_games.html An epic 1 on 1 Naruto fighting game. Test your skills on the battlefield using your favorite of 8 characters. Plenty of secrets and customizable controls.
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Reddit autowikibot on If you could pick one person from another sport to have followed a path in MMA instead, who would it be?
Posted by p01yn0nym0u5 via Reddit  

Reddit autowikibot on Who's the best pound-for-pound fighter, right now, from your state?
Posted by p01yn0nym0u5 via Reddit  

Reddit autowikibot on What city/country that hasnt had a UFC event yet do you want to see get one?
Posted by p01yn0nym0u5 via Reddit  

FriendFeed UFC: Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights [Blu-ray] - http://www.romancebluray.com/ufc-ultimate-100-greatest-fights-blu-ray/ For 16 years, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has been the gold standard in combat sports. Now you can re-live the 100 greatest fights in UFC history with this once-in-a-lifetime collection. Featuring all the greats of the Octagon, from Royce Gracie and Chuck Liddell to Matt Hughes and Randy Couture, this set contains the most dramatic, explosive and memorable battles of the UFC in their entirety from 100 down to the greatest UFC fight of all time. Stills from UFC: The Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights (Click for larger image)
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